Top 7 Programming Languages Used in Web Development


Web Development is tough. This is because it demands a lot from developers. The phrase is intimidating for many individuals. The task demands constant learning and upgrades on the part of developers. Listed below are the best and crucial programming languages one requires knowing to get started:

What is a Programming Language?

It is primarily used to control the actions of a machine. These languages drafted well or constructed once designed in a fashion that through it instructions can be communicated to a computer system. Many thousands of programming languages have been created since the invention of computers. Many thousands of programming languages are being developed each year.

Usually, a programming language is split into two components (semantics and the syntax). The syntax is the form or type. Each programming language is different. Some may be marked by specification documents while others may have an overriding implementation or a reference.

In short, a programming language is mainly a notation that helps to write programs identified as an algorithm.

1. HTML5

Most people tend to skip HTML in their list of programming languages. They don’t consider it essential for becoming a successful web developer. Not knowing HTML means other languages reach the level that they have reached today. HTML is a scripting language and not a programming language itself. Once you know HTML, it isn’t difficult to learn the basics of all the other web development tools.

2. Ruby

This language has recently gained a huge number of admirers exponentially in the recent years. Some of the major reasons behind this are its ease of use and high utility in creative software. It also designs with utmost ease and perfection. Just like Python, Ruby is simple. It is also a unique blend of the qualities of Pearl and Python.

3. Java

This is one of the most popular, adored and highly useful programming language. The open-source programming language has successfully added new dimensions to programming. A gift from Sun Microsystems, Java was delivered with a promise that the programming language will serve a game-changer for programmers. And it would not be wrong to say that Java has delivered on all those promises. It comes equipped with several that support web development. One of the best things about Java is that it is not platform dependent. Hence, it is easier and simpler to use Java and installing Java applications.

4. Javascript

The frameworks and recent additions to Javascript have transformed it. Javascript now goes way beyond outputting attentive statements on the browser. The Javascript stature as a web development language has been given a major boost by Node.js. The language also gels well with other web development languages. No wonder, it stands tall and has made its position at the top in the popularity charts on Github web development languages projects. Studies have made it clear that Javascript is the most used programming language.

5. PHP

It is a very powerful language. Many popular websites on the World Wide Web has successfully exhibited the PHP power. These are popular and highly appreciated for their performance. Both PHP and HTML work in collaboration with each other and deliver brilliant results. Magento, the most common eCommerce platform in the world is written in PHP. This definitely speaks volumes about the effectiveness and functionality of this language in the field of web development. Over 75 percent of the best websites online is utilizing PHP as their server-side programming language!

6. Python

This is the easiest programming languages to learn and write code in. More usefulness is added to this language through its diverse packages and interface that permits third-party packages. Python is known to be extensively used the scripting language.

7. .NET

An introduction by Microsoft in the year 2000, the .NET framework is mainly used for systems running on Windows. This limitation is compensated by application of .NET in varied fields including research level, scientific, and academic fields. Another remarkable armor is added to the celebrated cabin of .NET by Windows App Development. It has also provided standing ground amongst various web development languages.

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