5 Actionable Tips on Facebook Advertising Mistakes

5 Actionable Tips on Facebook Advertising Mistakes

Facebook has become one of the go-to platforms for advertising. This is because Facebook really helps businesses reach out to their target market with ease, and in an effective way at that!

Although there are options for you to advertise for free on Facebook, like by simply posting content and sharing it across your network, this is not as effective as of course, going for paid ads. Investing in this premium feature would open an opportunity for you to tap the wide user base of Facebook, plus targeting which ones are fit for your target market.

Not everyone who does paid ads, however, will succeed in his marketing goals. It would definitely hinder him from realizing the returns he had in mind for his marketing investments. While Facebook has the potential, it still depends on our marketing skills on how our efforts will deliver the results we are aiming for. There might be something wrong with how we’re doing our advertising and this must be identified and rectified. Otherwise, we would just be wasting our money.

5 Facebook advertising mistakes

Here are 5 Facebook advertising mistakes that you might be committing, hurting your budget in the process:

1. Not having a specific goal

Some businesses fail to find the significance of setting a goal first before implementing their marketing campaigns. It should be the first step to take because not doing so will cause a purposeless endeavor.

So what really is your goal for doing Facebook advertising? Is it to increase brand awareness? Is it to direct your followers to your website? Is it to spread the word about your promotions? Whatever your goal is, be smart with it, and stick to it. Revolve your advertising ideas on your goal – don’t dwell anywhere far from it.

2. Too broad target audience

Facebook allows you to target a chunk of its user base for you to reach out your target market. Some fail to specify their target market and end up reaching out to the irrelevant audience. You must be specific with your target market in order to find the most effective way to reach out to them as well. Don’t waste money by reaching out to a lot of Facebook users – set your target market and use this as your target audience as well.

3. Not optimizing the ad for attention and clicks

While Facebook opens the door to reach out to your perfect audience, it doesn’t mean that whatever we put out there for them is going to work. It’s definitely a no. You should optimize your ads to be a material that appeals to your target audience best. Also, ensure that your ad is optimized in a way that it will really be guaranteed.

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Some tips that we can share for optimizing your ads for attention and for clicks are the following:

  1. Have an eye-catching focal point in images and videos
  2. Subtly ask your clients to like, share, and comment so that your ad will spread out.
  3. Experiment as to what kind of marketing initiatives work best for your target audience

4. Forget to Exclude Past Converters

Some Facebook ads wrongly purpose their materials to purely acquire new customers. They don’t give much effort to customers that they already have, but this actually quite flawed.

You should continue reaching out to those audiences that you already won before, especially those that actually made a purchase, or what is referred to as converters. Converters show the ability to actually complete a sale, so you should make an effort to have them make another purchase.

Note that advertising is not just about gaining new customers, but retaining the ones you have, and regaining the ones you have lost.

5. Using the wrong ad type

Facebook allows advertisers to make use of many different ad types. Facebook advertisements can be in the form of images, videos. But more than that there’s also as to where the ad is placed like is it a newsfeed ad or a right column ad. There’s also many other different types of an ad like carousel ads, dynamic product ads, a page like ads, events ads, and others.

Depending on your purpose, there is a Facebook ad type that is great for you. So again, be sure of your Facebook advertising goal is. Your job is to identify which ad type is best for your goal and for your target audience and you would be able to reach them and provide them with the most ad type for them.


Facebook advertising is not an easy thing to do. Well, you can do whatever you want, but this entails risks of not realizing the returns you have planned. Facebook advertising, like any other marketing initiative, should undergo a thorough planning process, and that this should be well thought of, ensuring that the 5 mistakes listed above are avoided.

Facebook ads are paid so you must do all you can to ensure that this investment is worth the resources you’ll spend. So again, plan well and do all your best to avoid the 5 mistakes above.

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