Create Mobile App from Scratch: Easy Step By Step Guide

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Beginners are eager and enthusiastic about developing apps. They have mobile app ideas but don’t know where to start from. They are looking for ways to develop an app from scratch and are trying to figure out how to execute their ideas to develop an app. You might be here for the same reason How to build an app from scratch?

Easy Steps to Build your Mobile App from Scratch.

Mobile app developers especially beginners are struggling to start their journey in the app development industry of endless opportunities. In this article, we will address your question and we will guide you through easy steps to build your mobile app from scratch.

Step#1: Validate the app idea or a problem

First thing first, begin with validating your app idea or solving a problem. You need to have an idea to execute it properly to bring an app into reality. It could be any app from gaming to entertainment to education app. When you have an app idea, you need to take the second step if you don’t then you need to pick a problem and bring a solution. Even if your app idea isn’t great but if it is executed greatly it can make your app successful. When you’re planning to develop an app, come up with a great idea by doing a thorough research of what your app is going to do and execution should be the key concern.

Step#2 Lay out the functions

Before you jump onto other things you need to lay out the functionalities of your app. the next step is to define the functionalities your app will consist which doesn’t mean adding cool features. Instead, it means adding useful functions to enhance the app performance. In the initial stage, the functions need to be simple as it’s your learning phase.

Step#3 User Interface designing

This is the most crucial yet fun part of app development as you need to design the user interface of your app. From app design to app functionalities to user interface everything thing is decided this time by now and you need to use all these ingredients to develop a great app. App design isn’t only about your app looks, it’s about how your app experience it. In this regard, you need to work on every minor detail such as logging in and setting password etc. Moreover, user’s feedback should be taken into consideration to develop a great user interface.

Step#4 UX wireframes

A backend is the core factor of any software development but the look and design outrank everything. After you have designed your back end it’s time to plan your front end. As a designer you must know how every function works and how will the users interact with it, so you can draw a visual look. You need to draw it on a piece of paper to give your app a final look to see how it will look in the end. To do this, you need to work on wireframe tools and mockup tools to design your user interface and user experience.

Step#5 Develop an application

This is the development part where all the ideas are ready to be executed. In this step, you need to design the app, convert the UI, use wireframes, and implement backend libraries etc. If you’re a beginner you can use software to help you in the app development stage. There are few steps to keep in mind when developing an app to nail the app development. They include:

  • Prepare a to-do list from start till the end to list down everything.
  • Use control system to correct any errors made while developing an app.
  • Coding with elementary details is important.
  • Don’t forget to test your app.

Step#6 Test your application

After you’re done with all the steps, you’re supposed to test your app thoroughly. Don’t think that after developing an app your work is done. Your app needs to go through a testing version to examine how your app works and how it feels. Testing your app will highlight all the bugs and errors that can break your app image. Moreover, give people a test version of your app to get their feedback if your app needs any improvement and make the necessary changes.

Step # 7 Release your app finally

When you believe your app is up to the mark, it’s time to release your app. don’t wait anymore to make further changes, release away. Put forward your app for the launch and start preparing to promote your app to get higher visibility and great app downloads.


The above-mentioned step by step guide will be helpful for you if you’re planning to develop your very first mobile app from scratch. All the necessary steps should be taken carefully as it’s your beginning phase and we believe if you follow this guide you can create a great user-friendly app. make sure you put in all your time and efforts in promoting your app to gain the greater number of installs.

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